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JP O'Donnell:
Your note struck an emotional chord for sure. Thank you to your brother for his service to our country. I am happy to have honored his memory, even if it was unintentional. I hope to have my third Gallagher Novel out this year.

Kevin Gallagher:
Dr O’Donnell,

Admittedly I found you completely by coincidence as I was surfing for a movie on-demand. I was intrigued primarily by the character’s name, Danny Gallagher, in the movie “Bent”. You see, I had just returned home to Dallas from Tucson, AZ, where I attended the funeral services of my brother, Danny Gallagher, a former Marine of 7 years and a retired police officer of 28 years, finishing his career with a long stint in undercover operations.

I enjoyed the movie and will now follow your Gallagher series in book form.

Thank you for the unintentional nod to my brother.

Kevin Gallagher

Linda Nolan Hearn :
I love the way Joe puts names of family members in his books . My Pop’sname was used in one book , Jimmy Nolan . Keep up the great work , so happy that God in His great design had your path cross mine .

Jerome Patrick O'Donnell:
Dr. O'Donnell,

From one J.P. O'Donnell to another and a lover of mysteries I will go to Branigan Library this weekend and try to locate your novels. If not, I will order them from Amazon. My father is also Dr. O'Donnell but he has a PhD in Chemistry and is a poet not a novelist. Take care and keep writing. More later.


Nick White:
Greatly enjoyed your books on podcast.

Have you considered releasing them on Kindle

David Tomkins:
When is the 3rd book coming out. I am hooked. As a long distance courier, your books have entertained and enthralled me on my long solitary drives. Found your books on Podio books

Leo Nichols:
Listened to "Deadly Codes" great book, am going to listen to Fatal Gamble now, your characters really pop and have great depth. Really enjoy your writing, thank you!


JP O'Donnell:
Hi Stan,
Thank you for your comments. I've been busy with the screenplay for Deadly Codes, so I haven't had time to start the next book in the Gallagher series. I expect to begin writing this fall and hope to finish by next summer.
If you have an account at Amazon, please post a review on their website. The reviews help others to "stumble upon" Gallagher.

Stan Evergreen:
Great books! Happened to stumble upon "Fatal Gamble" On Amazon and 2 weeks later had to buy "Deadly Codes" to see how the saga continued! Any word on another release?

Rosa Figueiredo:
Dr. O'Donnell:

I REALLY enjoyed your books! They were page turners for me. My husband is now enjoying them also -- and he doesn't like to read books, but hasn't been able to put your second book down. I can't wait to read your next book.

All the best,

Rosa Figueiredo (my kids were/are your patients)

Karen Caryl Emory:
Hi Joe,

I totally enjoyed both Gallagher books and hope that there's a 3rd in the offing. I see that the CHS Golden Eagles are part of your fan base. As well we should be! We're very proud of you.

I really enjoyed
Fatal Gamble on Podiobooks.com. I am hoping to find Deadly Codes there sometime too!

Aaron Lazar:
Hi, JP. I really enjoyed your article yesterday on MB4. I hope you'll come back to guest blog again with us soon - email me at aaron dot lazar at yahoo dot come if you'd like to keep in touch? All my best, Aaron

Joan Donovan:
Deadly Codes is great! I would read a little at night-time, then turn the light out. If I wasn't asleep in 5-10 minutes, I'd get up and go back to the book - had to find out what happened next! I like the character development, e.g. Gallagher and his girlfriend, along with the mystery.
The only thing that gave me pause was the beginning: you started by blowing up Bill Clark's wife. But then I don't think you knew that my husband's name was Bill Clark. :-)

Mike and Sue:

I have recently completed reading "Fatal Gamble" and thoroughly enjoyed it. The rest of my family will now be enjoying the book as I prepare to begin reading your second publication.

Sue is planning on bringing it to her school's book club.

Super job!


I heard about your books from my sister, Teri Brzenski. I'm trying to purchase one and am excited to think I know the author. I also know your brother, Paul. I love a good murder-mystery and am looking forward to reading it. Best wishes for future writings.

What a great read. Gallagher is another 'sleuth' in the making. What about more follow up's.

pia mazzarella:
Hi Joe,
I enjoyed Fatal Gamble, looking forward to reading your 2nd one I'm a great murder-mystery fan. I read many of Patricia Cornwall's novels. The book signing sounds like a great idea. Hope to see you soon. Pia


Frank Cognetti:
Dear Joe, Thank you for sending your book to my mom. She was thrilled to receive it and she sends her "Thank You". I read "Fatal Gamble" almost two years ago and thoroughly enjoed it. You really have a great talent. Best wishes on your "second career" and please send my love to Ronney.

Love, Cousin Frank

Brian H:
I found "Fatal Gamble" to be a quick and entertaining read. It was fast paced and thorough - a tough combination. The perfect airline or weekend book!
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