Nicholas Roberto:
Hey Cuz, Still alive & kicking. You used my name in Fatal Gamble and I still have your signed book. We just watched BENT & saw your name in the credits. WOW! So happy for you & such success. Your cousin from Old Forge, PA.

Nancy K Hanson:
Watched "Bent" because my brother-in-law, John Finn, was in it. Always check to see if movie is based on a book. Happy to find Gallagher books! Any chance #4 is in the works?

Donald Scott:
My local library does not carry any of your books. I am interested in reading the series, if I have to purchase, would prefer from someplace other than amazon. Do you have a suggestion? The major booksellers are in my town.

Hi... came across this site quite by accident but wanted to say ,"Hello" to you and Ronney. Lookin'for a good book.............hurry!! Much love, Gail Downing

Marjorie Notz Powell:
Congrats, Joe, I love your books and cant wait to get this for my grandchildren ! Marjie

Hey Joe, great books!

Chuck Thibeault :
I’ve been meaning to contact you to tell you how much I enjoyed Pulse of my Heart. I couldn’t put it down, literally read the entire book in one long day. Your best effort yet! I’m lending my copy to your friend Doug Dobin. Hope to see you this Winter.

Lori gebo:
Looking forward to reading Pulse of My Heart, Just read the great review on a Feathered Quill . Great job Dr O’Donnell!

Steven D. Cohen, D.M.D:
Dr. O'Donnell,

I am so glad that I met your acquaintance through "Deadly Codes". In fact this might be the second time we met, that is if you lectured with Dr. David T. at Tufts.

As an avid reader of mysteries by author and in a Boston location You are now on my "go to list" for reading.
I wish you a lot of luck and prosperity in future writings and I look forward to reading more of your mysteries.


Steven D. Cohen, D.M.D

JP O'Donnell:
Your note struck an emotional chord for sure. Thank you to your brother for his service to our country. I am happy to have honored his memory, even if it was unintentional. I hope to have my third Gallagher Novel out this year.

Kevin Gallagher:
Dr O’Donnell,

Admittedly I found you completely by coincidence as I was surfing for a movie on-demand. I was intrigued primarily by the character’s name, Danny Gallagher, in the movie “Bent”. You see, I had just returned home to Dallas from Tucson, AZ, where I attended the funeral services of my brother, Danny Gallagher, a former Marine of 7 years and a retired police officer of 28 years, finishing his career with a long stint in undercover operations.

I enjoyed the movie and will now follow your Gallagher series in book form.

Thank you for the unintentional nod to my brother.

Kevin Gallagher

Linda Nolan Hearn :
I love the way Joe puts names of family members in his books . My Pop’sname was used in one book , Jimmy Nolan . Keep up the great work , so happy that God in His great design had your path cross mine .

Jerome Patrick O'Donnell:
Dr. O'Donnell,

From one J.P. O'Donnell to another and a lover of mysteries I will go to Branigan Library this weekend and try to locate your novels. If not, I will order them from Amazon. My father is also Dr. O'Donnell but he has a PhD in Chemistry and is a poet not a novelist. Take care and keep writing. More later.


Nick White:
Greatly enjoyed your books on podcast.

Have you considered releasing them on Kindle

David Tomkins:
When is the 3rd book coming out. I am hooked. As a long distance courier, your books have entertained and enthralled me on my long solitary drives. Found your books on Podio books

Leo Nichols:
Listened to "Deadly Codes" great book, am going to listen to Fatal Gamble now, your characters really pop and have great depth. Really enjoy your writing, thank you!


JP O'Donnell:
Hi Stan,
Thank you for your comments. I've been busy with the screenplay for Deadly Codes, so I haven't had time to start the next book in the Gallagher series. I expect to begin writing this fall and hope to finish by next summer.
If you have an account at Amazon, please post a review on their website. The reviews help others to "stumble upon" Gallagher.

Stan Evergreen:
Great books! Happened to stumble upon "Fatal Gamble" On Amazon and 2 weeks later had to buy "Deadly Codes" to see how the saga continued! Any word on another release?

Rosa Figueiredo:
Dr. O'Donnell:

I REALLY enjoyed your books! They were page turners for me. My husband is now enjoying them also -- and he doesn't like to read books, but hasn't been able to put your second book down. I can't wait to read your next book.

All the best,

Rosa Figueiredo (my kids were/are your patients)

Karen Caryl Emory:
Hi Joe,

I totally enjoyed both Gallagher books and hope that there's a 3rd in the offing. I see that the CHS Golden Eagles are part of your fan base. As well we should be! We're very proud of you.

I really enjoyed
Fatal Gamble on I am hoping to find Deadly Codes there sometime too!

Aaron Lazar:
Hi, JP. I really enjoyed your article yesterday on MB4. I hope you'll come back to guest blog again with us soon - email me at aaron dot lazar at yahoo dot come if you'd like to keep in touch? All my best, Aaron

Joan Donovan:
Deadly Codes is great! I would read a little at night-time, then turn the light out. If I wasn't asleep in 5-10 minutes, I'd get up and go back to the book - had to find out what happened next! I like the character development, e.g. Gallagher and his girlfriend, along with the mystery.
The only thing that gave me pause was the beginning: you started by blowing up Bill Clark's wife. But then I don't think you knew that my husband's name was Bill Clark. :-)

Mike and Sue:

I have recently completed reading "Fatal Gamble" and thoroughly enjoyed it. The rest of my family will now be enjoying the book as I prepare to begin reading your second publication.

Sue is planning on bringing it to her school's book club.

Super job!


I heard about your books from my sister, Teri Brzenski. I'm trying to purchase one and am excited to think I know the author. I also know your brother, Paul. I love a good murder-mystery and am looking forward to reading it. Best wishes for future writings.

What a great read. Gallagher is another 'sleuth' in the making. What about more follow up's.

pia mazzarella:
Hi Joe,
I enjoyed Fatal Gamble, looking forward to reading your 2nd one I'm a great murder-mystery fan. I read many of Patricia Cornwall's novels. The book signing sounds like a great idea. Hope to see you soon. Pia


Frank Cognetti:
Dear Joe, Thank you for sending your book to my mom. She was thrilled to receive it and she sends her "Thank You". I read "Fatal Gamble" almost two years ago and thoroughly enjoed it. You really have a great talent. Best wishes on your "second career" and please send my love to Ronney.

Love, Cousin Frank

Brian H:
I found "Fatal Gamble" to be a quick and entertaining read. It was fast paced and thorough - a tough combination. The perfect airline or weekend book!
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