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Interview with Jordan Rich, 2019

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On Saturday, February 29th 2019, JP O'Donnell spoke to the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America as part of the Tell Your Story II: It's Your "Write!" program. This program featured workshops and panel discussions on a variety of topics designed to provide writers and readers with an opportunity for literary growth. The program took place at the North Regional Broward County Library, 1100 Coconut Creek Boulevard, Coconut Creek,FL 33066 from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM. JP's topic was: "Your First Line: The Hook that Sells Your Novel".

Run for My Life

"If ever there were a book of required reading in current times, Run for My Life should be among the Top 10."
Feathered Quill

Fatal Gamble

"Fatal Gamble is a tangled, skillful thriller that keeps you glued to your seat until the final page ... a great read!"
-Norm Goldman (

Deadly Codes

"Deadly Codes is a great detective story"
-Will Gabbett (Feathered Quill)

"Don't miss Deadly Codes - it's a great detective story that will have you looking for more Gallagher exploits."
(Feathered Quill)

"This is a book that draws you into the story from page one."
-Simon Barrett (Blogger News Network)

Pulse of My Heart

"Gallagher is a memorable creation"

"Perfectly crafted with an ending that will have readers watching the internet in order to find out when the next Gallagher novel will be released!"
-Amy Lignor (Feathered Quill)

"...what stands out is O'Donnell's perfect sense of timing as he delivers all the cliffhangers and hairpin turns that you would come to expect from a well-constructed thriller.

O'Donnell pulls out all the stops, repeatedly blindsiding his readers with shifts and turns.

If you need to escape from your everyday drudgery, this may be the novel that so effectively hits the spot and where you can easily spend an afternoon flaked out on the couch with this fast read.

O'Donnell combines a titillating organized thriller plot with a fearless, hard-boiled, tough character whose middle name is danger."
-Book Pleasures

The Tall Tree

"The Tall Tree is an adorable story that is beautifully illustrated. Children will love following along with the adventures of all the creatures who live in the tree while also learning that everyone, no matter how different, has something valuable to contribute to every adventure."

"Seasoned mystery author JP O'Donnell (the "Gallagher" mystery series) has struck gold with his first venture into the world of children's books."
Feathered Quill